Appointments for 11th Graders: Booking Now

Is your junior already starting to feel the stress of college admissions? Are you wondering how to manage this process in the time Covid? Do you have questions about test-optional pathways? Are you confused by mixed messages you’ve heard regarding application strategies? Is it still impossible to keep Early Action and Early Decision straight? Do you need more guidance than you can realistically get from the school guidance counselor?

I’m here to help.

I encourage interested students and families to schedule a consultation to alleviate stress and get honest answers. We’ll get a head start on the college admissions process by creating a schedule and to-do list to keep your student on track. We’ll talk about transcripts, SAT/ACT tests, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and of course, the best colleges and universities for your child.

I’m currently booking Spring 2022 appointments. Click here to schedule a meeting.

Need more info? Call/ text 716-440-4074, email, or click this link to fill out my contact form:

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