My Services

Services for the Class of 2024, 2025, and 2026:

I’m a glass-half-full person who believes in supporting the emotional and academic needs of my students. Starting college planning work early helps alleviate stress and anxiety. I’m here to reassure you – parents and students alike – that it’s all going to be ok. We’ve got this. 

I’m currently booking individual appointments for 2023. As in past years, I will limit the number of new 11th grade clients, so contact me soon to secure a spot in my 2023-2024 application cohort. Siblings of former students always have priority, as do students who started working with me in 9th/10th grade.

My goal is for students to FULLY COMPLETE the Common Application during the summer BEFORE senior year. A sample student meeting sequence for 11th graders is below: 

  • For 11th graders seeking first-time services, our initial meeting typically happens in the fall or winter of junior year.  At this meeting, I will complete an evaluation of your transcript, test scores, extracurriculars and senior year course choices. Most importantly, we will use this time to get to know each other, discuss our hopes (and fears), and talk about the future in a positive, empowering way. If suitable, I can connect you with tools to help you identify your skills and interests, and explore ways of connecting those affinities to college majors and careers. We will create a personal college application task timeline for the rest of the school year. And of course, I’ll create your initial college list and get you started on in-person visits and virtual visits/ info sessions. Parent(s) and student come to this first meeting together. Plan for at least 90 minutes. 
  • Depending on when we begin the process, expect at least one to three more meetings before the end of 11th grade, depending on your needs and preferences. 
  • Once the 11th grade school year is done, our meeting cadence will increase. Typically, I meet with my students on a biweekly basis for June and July. In these meetings, we will create the Common App account, start the essay brainstorm process, complete the Common App Activities organizer, and finalize the essay. I will work with students line-by-line on the essays, from initial idea to polished, finished product. 
  • Every student is different, but my goal is to have a refined college list and complete Common App (including the main essay) by the end of July. 
  • In August, my focus turns to school-specific supplemental essays and administrative tasks, like linking Naviance to Common App and adding schools to SCOIR (if your child’s school uses these platforms). I also guide students through teacher recommendation requests and make sure that all Guidance Office protocols are followed.   
  • After the first initial meeting, all meetings are attended only by the student and me. These sessions are about one hour, and students will have homework that must be completed  prior to the subsequent meeting. I create a shared meeting record document so parents are aware of what happens every time I meet with a student. I am always available to parents to discuss their child’s progress. 
  • I am here to help your family navigate the complex admissions process and discuss what strategies might benefit your child. If you prefer remote appointments, I am more than happy to set up meetings on Zoom or Google Meet.


9th and 10th consultations:

These consultations cover four areas:

  1. Transcript assessment and course selection assistance. I point out areas of strength and weakness in a student’s transcript. I come up with a two-, three-, or four-year course plan that is right for the student and will garner maximum attention from colleges.
  2. Standardized test planning. When should a student first take SATs? How many times should she take them? What about ACTs and SAT Subject Tests? The world of standardized testing can be confusing, and I find that families often get mixed messages. I create a realistic, practical test calendar for my students and connect them with appropriate preparation resources.
  3. Evaluation of extracurricular activities. Should a student strive to be “well-rounded” or commit his time to a few important activities? I answer this question, and help students hone in on what their true passions are. Like the transcript assessment, I look for areas of strength and weakness in a student’s outside-of-school activities. I make creative suggestions about how a student can expand upon her/his interests and develop a resume that is full of meaningful, attention-getting work. I use my extensive network to connect students with potential volunteer placements at local non-profits. I also work with students on applications to summer programs at Roswell Park, ECMC, Hauptmann-Woodward, and universities. I have a Studio Art background and frequently help student-artists put together portfolios.
  4. Preliminary school list. Based on PSAT/ PLAN/ early SAT scores and the transcript, I create a list of schools for families to use as a basis for visits.

9th and 10th grade consultations are 90 minutes and should be attended by parent(s) and student.

Gap year planning: 

Read my post about the benefits of taking a “gap year” before college. I help students plan pre-college experiences that combine community service, paid work, and pursuit of personal passions.