Anne Marie is the sweetest, most caring, and helpful person I know. Throughout the years she has helped me with SAT prep, English papers, and eventually applying to school. I could not have gotten into all of the colleges I applied to without her help. Even when I thought a reach school wasn’t possible, she made it happen. Working with her made the application process much more enjoyable and stress free. She helped me find my dream school.  – J.H., Clarence High School, College of Charleston

I don’t know what I would have done without Anne Marie. She helped not only prep for all of my standardized tests, but also helped me complete all 19 of my college applications every step of the way! I am loving Bucknell! You helped me find my perfect fit! – H.S., Clarence High School, Bucknell University

Anne Marie was a lifesaver. Every time my son and I talked about applying to college, our conversation ended in slammed doors or shouting. He looked forward to his meetings with Anne Marie and she was great about keeping me in the loop with how their sessions went. He’s currently a sophomore in college now. I don’t think we would have gotten through this process without her help. It made life during junior and senior year a lot more peaceful! – L.S., parent

What I liked best about working on my college applications with Anne Marie is that she was more like a friend than a teacher. She helped me do some of the best pieces of writing I think I have ever done, but she also made me laugh and helped keep things in perspective. – S.T., Williamsville East High School, Cornell University 

Our son is shy and quiet so I was worried that he might not even talk during the meetings with Anne Marie. I was happy that, after some initial apprehension, he was very willing to work with her. He is more math and science oriented and he’s really not much of a writer. Meeting with Anne Marie helped him gain the confidence to express himself in his essay. He’s doing so well in his first year of college. He came out of his shell. – B.C., parent

I learned a ton at the summer workshop. It was a huge relief to have most of my applications done before senior year started. That way I was actually able to have fun senior year and not be stressed out by college apps hanging over my head. Anne Marie is really nice but she also made sure we got all of our work done.  There were also good snacks. – J.M, student, Williamsville South High School, Binghamton

(Anne Marie) is always available by text to answer questions. I texted her all the time when my daughter and son were applying to college and she always got back to me right away with answers. – M.L, parent 

Our daughter’s guidance counselor is nice but very busy and does not seem to know that much about our daughter. A few sessions with Anne Marie and they really connected. She has excellent knowledge of what colleges are looking for. Our daughter got in to almost every single school she applied to. – D.H., parent 

Anne Marie has tutored our daughter for years. She has taught her how to plan papers and understand what she reads. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through high school without her. – N.R., parent